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Welcome to NRT Tuning, a Premier Remapping Company. We can remap your vehicle to meet your needs and requirements using the latest in technology mapping equipment and software.


Improving power, response and driveability, and optimizing fuel efficiency

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We specialize in remapping vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). We can remap your vehicle to meet your needs and requirements using the latest in technology mapping equipment and software. Your vehicle will be much more responsive, fuel efficient and smoother running vehicle.

Our enhanced Performance and Economy Software is created based on your engine’s original software and specifications, to ensure that your car can safely cope with the new improvement. We ensure that the new Custom ECU software remain well within the parameters of your car’s engine, transmission, and exhaust system capabilities.

Many vehicles can benefit from a custom ECU remap, from your humble everyday car to a high end sports car or even a farm tractor, all have the potential for improvement.

We work with some of the best tuning engineers in the world and we have ultimate flexibility in both the range of vehicles that we tune and providing customers with the very best solution for their needs.

It is our aim to ensure reliability, drive-ability, and satisfaction. We are sure you will be delighted with the services we offer and have no hesitation in recommending us.

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  • BMW_F82_Front_Red_Motion_Coupe_524166_1280x853

    BMW 330d remap

    The Wizards at NRT worked their magic with my BMW 330d, completely transforming the way the car drives! Despite the car now having significantly improved power, the car still drives nice and smooth. Fuel consumption on highway is even better than before! I definitely recommend NRT Tuning to anyone considering a remap. Excellent service. I […]

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